Delivering integrity to coffee
production and processing

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A coffee sector that places integrity at the center of its efforts to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing.


To be the leading global provider of high quality, independent, credible and innovative assurance services in the coffee sector.


4C License Decisions

Evaluation of on-site verification reports and 4C License decisions.

Approval of 4C Verifiers

Training and assessment of independent verifiers according to the 4C Verification System.

Integrity Program

Quality assurance of approved 4C Verifiers. Internal and external oversight planning according to risk assessment and the 4C Quality Management System.

Data Collection & Analysis

Assessment of verification data and reporting.

Traceability and Commercial Reporting

Assessment of the traceability system and commercial reporting data.

4C Code and Verification System Training

Training on implementation of the 4C Code and Verification System.


Find out how Coffee Assurance Services will seamlessly carry out all
verification operations according to the 4C Verification System and
in compliance with the 4C Code of Conduct.

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